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BA Program in the Archaeology, History, and Literature of Ancient Greece


Students registered with the Program have full access to a number of excellent facilities placed in the heart of our University’s academic community:

   • The School of Philosophy Building, on the University’s Zografou Campus (see map), houses a number of classrooms and lecture theaters, in addition to two computer rooms and an archaeology lab.

   • The School of Philosophy Library, adjacent to the School’s main building, specializes in archaeology, history (ancient and modern), and in classical and modern languages. The School Library holds the country’s second largest collection of books dating from the 16th c. to the present day, including approximately 500,000 books, papyri and manuscripts, 20,000 rare editions, 3,800 journal titles, and about 4,000 audiovisual and photographic documents.

   • The School’s Archaeology and History of Art Museum, also housed in the School’s main building, with excellent study collections covering Greek prehistory, Early, Classical and post-Classical Greece, a collection of rocks and minerals, a Cast Gallery spanning Greek sculpture from the 12th c. BC to the Roman period, a Medieval and Byzantine Collection, and an important Collection of Modern Greek Art.


   • The University’s Modern Greek Language Teaching Center, devoted to the teaching of Modern Greek as a foreign language, but also offering access to a wide selection of speaking practice and Ancient Greek courses. The University’s Foreign Language Teaching Center, on the other hand, offers a range of 25 Modern languages at all levels – from English, French, and German to Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and more.

   • The School’s Restaurant, also in the main building, provides its services to all members of the University studying and working on the Zografou Campus; Student cards provide special discounts on meals, while students have also access to the Building’s two cafeterias.

   • Further facilities situated on the Zografou Campus include the University Gym and Swimming Pool, the University Nursery, a Campus Medical Office and First Aid Center, and a Student Counseling Center. Students may also choose to get involved with the University’s Theater, Dance, Cinema, and Photography Clubs.

   • The University’s Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities aims to actively realize coequal access to academic studies for students with different abilities and needs, through built environmental modifications, Assistive Technologies and access services (see here).

   • The University Service of the Student Ombudsman, finally, aims at: assisting students with any problem they might face with academic and administrative services; facilitating student contact with the Institution and its administrative services; reviewing student complaints regarding law violations, or acts going against university legislation and ethics; informing students about their rights and obligations as members of the academic community.