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BA Program in the Archaeology, History, and Literature of Ancient Greece


Professor of Ancient Greek Literature and Papyrology

Amphilochios Papathomas holds a Ptychion (4-year BA) in Classics from the Faculty of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA) (Class: “Excellent”), and a PhD in Classics and Papyrology from the Ruprecht–Karls University of Heidelberg, Germany (Class: “summa cum laude”). He has held an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for advanced scholars at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, as well as a Lise Meitner Fellowship at the University of Vienna, Austria. He has taught at the Universities of Salzburg, Vienna, Cyprus, Athens, Bratislava, Thrace (Komotini), Heidelberg and Freiburg. He has been a staff member of the Department of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens since November 2000. He has taught and currently teaches various modules in Herodotus, Thucydides, Euripides, Hellenistic Poetry, Papyrology, Paleography, and the Attic Orators, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has supervised more than 30 PhD dissertations. He has given a large number of invited lectures at many universities in Europe and the USA. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Archaeognosia (Athens). He currently serves as President of the Greek Papyrological Society and Secretary General of the Greek Humanistic Society.

Main Administrative Posts at UoA

Head of the Faculty of Philology of UoA (2016-2019), Member of the UoA Senate (2016-2019), Head of the Classics Library (2014-2019).

Research interests

Ancient Greek Historiography, Attic Drama, Attic Oratory, Greek and Latin Papyrology, Greek Paleography, Greek Literature of Late Antiquity.

Select publications

  • Fünfundzwanzig griechische Papyri aus den Sammlungen von Heidelberg, Wien und Kairo, Veröffentlichungen aus der Heidelberger Papyrus-Sammlung Neue Folge 8 (P.Heid. VII), Heidelberg 1996 (pp. 273).
  • Fünfunddreißig griechische Papyrusbriefe aus der Spätantike, Corpus Papyrorum Raineri 25 (CPR XXV), Leipzig – Munich 2006 (pp. 251).
  • 1. Korinther, Papyrologische Kommentare zum Neuen Testament 2, Göttingen 2006 (in collaboration with P. Arzt-Grabner, R. E. Kritzer, F. Winter) (pp. 576).
  • Juristische Begriffe im ersten Korintherbrief des Paulus. Eine semantisch-lexikalische Untersuchung auf der Basis der zeitgenössischen griechischen Papyri, Tyche. Beiheftband 7, Vienna 2009 (pp. 253).
  • Το πρώτο βιβλίο των Ιστοριών του Ηροδότου. Μνήμες, θρύλοι και γεγονότα από την Ασία και την Ελλάδα της αρχαϊκής εποχής, Αthens 20152 (pp. 1000).
  • “An Alexandrian Murder Case Revisited”, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 200 (2016), pp. 453–469 (in collaboration with N. Kanavou).
  • Ευριπίδου Βάκχαι. Εισαγωγή, μετάφραση και ερμηνευτικά σχόλια, Athens 2018 (pp. 900).
  • “A Late Hellenistic Fragment of a Tractate on Classical and Post-Classical (?) Literature: New Information on Aristophanes’ Daitales?”, Rheinisches Museum 162 (2019), pp. 68–83 (in collaboration with C. A. Láda).
  • “Late Antique and Early Medieval Greek Private and Business Letters on Papyrus: A World of Words and Emotions”, in: G. Karla et al. (eds.), Festschrift for A. Voskos, Athens 2019 (in print).
  • “Cyprus and Cypriots in the Greek Documentary Papyri and Inscriptions”, in: K. Carvounis et al. (eds), Cyprus in texts from Graeco-Roman Antiquity, Leiden 2020 (in print).

For publication details of 170 other scholarly studies see Many of these publications can be found on