BA Program in the Archaeology, History, and Literature of Ancient Greece


Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek Philology

Athena Bazou holds a BA in Classics from the Faculty of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (N.K.U.A.), an MA in Ancient Greek Literature (University of Paris IV- Sorbonne), a MA in European Studies - National and European Educational Policy (University Paris III-Nouvelle Sorbonne) and a PhD in Ancient Greek Literature (University of Paris IV-Sorbonne). She worked as a Project Manager (EU- funded Educational Projects) in the R & D Department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi (2000-2002), while she was involved in Open and Distance Learning courses at the Hellenic Open University for 19 years, as a Member of the Teaching Staff, Technical Coordinator and Content Developer. She also worked as a Researcher for the Academy of Athens, on Greek and Latin Literature (2003-2012), while she has been a staff member of the Department of Philology of the N.K.U.A. since 2013. She has taught Ancient Greek Language, Palaeography, Ancient Greek Medicine, Ancient Greek Science, Philosophy (Plato-Aristotle), Ancient Oratory, both on undergraduate and postgraduate level at the N.K.U.A., and Ancient Greek Medicine at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Department of Medicine, Postgraduate course in the History of Medicine). She has published articles on Galen, Plato, Oriental Tradition of Medical Texts and Ancient Science.

Research interests:

Ancient Medical Texts, Ancient Greek Science and Technology, Critical Editions of Ancient Greek Texts, Text Transmission, Palaeography, Ancient Greek Philosophy (Plato – Aristotle), Second Sophistic, History of Ancient Greek Scholarship, Oriental Tradition of Ancient Medical Texts.

Select publications:

  • "Cerebral localization theories in antiquity", AsklepiosII, XXI, 2008, 20-24.
  • "Le sens de la justice ("corps juste" et "médecin juste" dans la médecine grecque ancienne) ", in: B. Melkevik, M. Protopapas, S. Tzitzis (eds.), Mytheetjusticedanslapenséegrecqueancienne, Presses de l’Université Laval, Québec 2009, 225-241.
  • Γαληνο,τιταςτοσώματοςκράσεσινατςψυχςδυνάμειςπονται.Εισαγωγή και αρχαίο κείμενο, ευρετήρια, Ακαδημία Αθηνών [ΕλληνικήΒιβλιοθήκη4], Αθήνα 2011. ISBN 978- 960-404-136-7, ISSN 1792-1260.
  • "Le rôle du tempérament (krasis) dans les textes physiognomoniques de l'antiquité grecque", Philosophia43, 2013, 205-220.
  • "Tradition orientale versus tradition directe. L’importance de la tradition indirecte pour l’édition des textes médicaux grecs anciens." in: I. Tsamadou-Jacoberger, I. Stamatiadou, Texte et contexte. Méthodes et outils de l’édition critique de quelques manuscrits arabes, grecs, italiens et latins., Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, 2019, 84-95
  • "Galen as an Οrator. Medicine and Rhetoric in 2nd c. A.D." in: Α. Markantonatos, Witnesses and Evidence: Information and Decision in Drama and Oratory (forthcoming).