BA Program in the Archaeology, History, and Literature of Ancient Greece


Assistant Professor in Classical Archaeology



Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos holds a first degree in History and Archaeology (Athens), and a D.Phil in classical archaeology (both at the Dept. of History and Archaeology in Athens). Between 1992 and 2005 he has worked with the American Center of Oriental Research in sites of Jordan. He has also contracted a number of projects in Greece, among which are the South Slope of the Acropolis in Athens, Epidauros and Samos. He performed documentation, site enhancement and digital recreations. He currently runs the Study of the architecture in the sanctuary of Asclepios at Lissos and the Study of the architecture in the Library of Hadrian.


Most of his publications may be found on

Research interests:

  • Greek architecture
  • Ηellenistic and Roman architecture in the Levant
  • Greek and Roman technology
  • CAD aided drafting and modelling


Select publications:

  • The Great Temple of Amman. The Architecture (Amman 1994).
  • Το Υστερορωμαϊκό ‘τείχος’: Περίβολος τεμένους και περιμετρική στοά στο Ασκληπιείο της Επιδαύρου (Αθήνα 2000).
  • [with Z. Τ. Fiema, R. Schick and T. Waliszewski], TheByzantineChurchinPetra. (Amman 2001).
  • The Classical and Hellenistic Building Phases of the Acropolis of Ancient Karthaia, Kea, AM 118 (2003) 211-238.
  • The Temples of Petra Re-examined. An Architectural Analysis, JDAI 119 (2004) 221-240.
  • [with E. Kolia] Ancient Keryneia of Aigialeia: Topography and Architecture in the Sanctuary of Profitis Elias, Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archaeologischen Instituts. AA 126 (2011) 137-174.
  • [with E. Zavvou] The Agora of Gytheion, ABSA 109 (2014) 357-378.