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BA Program in the Archaeology, History, and Literature of Ancient Greece



The program offers a wide-ranging degree devoted to Classical Greek culture. Students have the opportunity to study the archaeological monuments and the history of Greece. They familiarize themselves with the ancient Greek and Latin languages through the systematic examination of important ancient texts. The curriculum includes a number of classes in Modern Greek, offered free of charge to all students during the first year of their studies. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to think both critically and imaginatively, write well-structured essays, as well as interpret complex sets of data.

On-site instruction

All archaeology classes include field trips to archaeological sites and museums within Athens and its environs; in addition, students are expected to participate in a series of longer field trips around Greece, including the Peloponnese, Central Greece, and the island of Crete. Students are also welcome to attend, on a voluntary basis and subject to their academic schedule, the Departmental Archaeological Excavation at Marathon.

Who may apply

The program is available to international citizens, and is suitable for high school graduates with an interest in the ancient world and its cultural and intellectual achievements; also, for anybody who wishes to acquire a broad liberal education with emphasis on original and avant-garde thinking. The four years are divided into eight semesters. The first year offers a number of foundation courses in the history and culture of ancient Greece, as well as an introduction to the methodology of the respective academic fields of archaeology, history and philology. The second and third years are devoted to the systematic study of ancient Greece, while the fourth year offers an array of specialized courses and seminars.