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BA Program in the Archaeology, History, and Literature of Ancient Greece


Associate Professor of Ancient History

Nikos Giannakopoulos graduated from the University of Athens in 1995 and obtained his PhD from the same University in 2004. He has taught Ancient History in the University of Thessaloniki (2006-2018) and he is currently an Associate Professor of Ancient History in the University of Athens. He has published two monographs and several articles on the Hellenistic and the Roman Imperial Periods. His research focuses on the Greek city in the Roman Period (institutions, politics, society), on Hellenistic and Roman Euboea, on crime and the preservation of order in the Roman East and on the reception of Classical Greece in the Roman Imperial Period.

Selected publications:

Giannakopoulos, N. «Preserving the Pax Romana: The Peace Functionaries in the Roman East», Mediterraneo Antico, VI 2, 2003, 825-906.

Giannakopoulos, N. «Remarks on the Honorary Titles υἱὸς βουλῆς, υἱὸς δήμου and υἱὸς πόλεως in Roman Asia Minor», in: A. D. Rizakis, Fr. Camia (eds.), PathwaystoPower. Civic elites in the Eastern Part of the Roman Empire, Athens 2008, 251-268.

Giannakopoulos, N. The Institution of the Gerousia in the Greek Cities of the Roman Period, Thessaloniki 2008 (in Greek).

Giannakopoulos, N. Institutions and function of the Cities of Euboea in the Hellenistic and the Imperial periods, Thessaloniki 2012 (in Greek).

Giannakopoulos, N. «Chalcidian Politicians and Rome between 208 and 168 BC», Classica et Mediaevalia, 60, 2009, 145-175.

Giannakopoulos, N. «Decrees awarding offices for life and by hereditary right as honours» in: O. Van Nijf – A. Heller (eds.), The Politics of Honour in the Greek Cities of the Roman Empire (Brill Studies in Greek and Roman Epigraphy 8), Leiden 2017, 220-242.

Giannakopoulos, N. «I. Knidos 34: Attacks against Houses motivated by Interpersonal Differences in the Imperial Period», Eirene 53, 2017, 335-357.

Giannakopoulos, N. «Euboian Unity in the 2nd Century BCE and the Chalcidian Embassy at Amarynthos: The Limits of Roman-sponsored Federalism», in: H. Beck - K. Buraselis - A. McAuley (eds), EthnosandKoinon. Studies in Ancient Greek Ethnicity and Federalism, Stuttgart 2019, 113-130.